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Welcome to the Chesser Container Client Site

Chesser Container has always maintained an aggressive approach to maintaining compliance with the CFR49 requirements for UN approved IBC’s and keeping our customer up to date with the packagers responsibilities. Current CFR49 requirements require that all IBC’s that are UN labeled for transportation of Hazardous Materials must be recertified every 30 months. These certification reports must be maintained at the filling location of the IBC and it is the responsibility of the packager to keep these records up to date. There are fines that are outlined in CFR49 180.352 Part 107, Subchapter D, Appendix A that may be levied if the packager fails to comply with the CFR49 180.352 testing requirements.

This section of the CFR49 is posted on our web site for your review.

Part of these requirements is that the test results be maintained as well. In an effort to keep our customers up to date with their IBC’s we are introducing a service which will provide our customer with up to date certification dates for their IBC’s. This will enable our customer to access our data base with the previous test dates of their units and determine the future test date as well.

Chesser Container is not aware of any other container re-conditioner that offers this service and we hope this tool will assist our customers with keeping track of their IBC certifications.

As a reminder even though a non-regulated product is placed in the UN marked unit for transportation this does not remove the responsibility of maintaining compliance with the CFR49. The requirement is for the IBC and not for the product that is placed inside.